Are You Commission Qualified?  Fix This To Get Paid

Are You Commission Qualified? Fix This To Get Paid

Have you set up your ACH monthly payment for NuMedia?  If not, you’re likely not eligible for commissions.  As a director you are required to maintain your monthly subscription in order to keep your commission qualification.  Because of the recent change in payment processors, we announced that ALL directors must use the ACH Auto Pay System for their monthly payment.  PayPal is no longer an option for monthly payments.   For the moment we are using only ACH and Stripe to accept monthly payments from regular members but for Directors we are only accepting ACH.

Going forward all commission requests will be verified against monthly payment processing before issuing any commissions so please make sure you are all set up.

To complete your setup, simply visit

If you are requesting commissions from the back office and you had PayPal set as your payment option, your request will show Declined.  This of course is because we are no longer using PayPal.

Very soon you will see new options for withdrawing commissions.

Square Cash Card for commissions under $300

TransPay for any amount (fees apply)

Pay By Paper Check ($2) Minimum $50

We’ll announce when they’re ready so you can set up for commission disbursements.

As a reminder, Members (subscribers) are only eligible for the ongoing $10 referral bonus for personal referrals.

Members are not eligible to receive Director sign up bonuses or 2nd level on down residuals unless they upgrade to a Director position and start a Star Director team.  This has always been the case but we’ve seen an increase in members requesting commissions to be paid for which they are not eligible.

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